Barcelona, Gorgeous!

Balcony doors emblazoned with BEAUTIFUL plaster (?) Flowers over the doorway in Barcelona, Spain

old windows

Old Shabby Window - Photographer Ivan Hafizov takes photos of old window casings all over Russia in rural towns and villages. Interesting how they all reflect a specific character of the area they come from.


Red ivy climbing vines around red window on brick home for beautiful and

Traditional Russian house

Traditional Russian house - I love how detailed this is. everyone know that I can appreciate bright colours and delicate detail. it's like lace for windows, i would want this (I can only assume it's some sort of tin?) somewhere inside my house

Beautiful window...

the WISTERIA touches here are just part of the overall charm of this. I am so drawn to it and that swagged curtain in wisteria or French blue color.

kitty in the window

old window with a cat door. Love this. We had a cat window when I was growing up. The cats loved it.