Ewelina Wałasińska

Ewelina Wałasińska

Ewelina Wałasińska
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The best color contacts designed for dark brown eyes have a vibrant, opaque pattern with a blending gradient in the centre. Find out more >> http://www.eyecandys.com/blog/colored-contacts-for-brown-eyes/

Looking for the PERFECT color contact lenses that fit DARK BROWN eyes? This page will teach you how to choose the lenses that appear natural yet bright and true to color!

Freshlook Contact Lenses Color Chart!

FreshLook Colorblends is the world's selling colored contact lens! These contacts provide a unique technology, blending three colors to mimic the subt

But I'm too scared to put something in my eye - Otherwise I'd get these!

Aryan Three Tone Color lenses are just the easiest way to glam up your eyes. These lenses from Aryan are prepared with great attention to detail, to bring you the widest range of colors for safe and healthy cosmetic lenses.

Light Blue Fresh Colors Contact Lenses (1 Pair)

Dark Blue color contact lenses by Fresh colors change your eye color with ease these can be worn for 30 days ideal for fashion use all lenses ship world-wide within 48 hours - over 300 different lenses to choose from