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Enjoying a summer sunset in Sweden

At Home with New Darlings

At Home with New Darlings in Phoenix, Arizona At Home with New Darlings Featuring the west elm Saddle Chair and mid-century desk

the beautiful workspace of Anna Malmberg.

Working space with prints - workspace - home decor

Morning work vibes //

I need my desk place to look like this.

Good Hair Day Pasta (Concept) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Russian designer Nikita Konkin has posed and interesting correlation between pasta shapes and hair styles. Whereas Angel Hair pasta might be a natural overlap

Blazon Scarf Collection With Birds Models Natasha Coverdale

Not sure what to do with the makeup you have? Give this quiz a go even if it's just for fun!

Beautiful editorial gold leaf makeup look for a fashion photography shoot

Transcend, Protect and Explore

Transcend, Protect and Explore Glyph Tattoos xo placement