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bathroom - grey, with wooden bath? you already have the wood with we could stain darker, just paint the walls and get rid of the glass.

Meuble de salle de bain Modulnova Twenty Kerlite

Meuble de salle de bain suspendu en céramique Kerlite MB3/TWENTY Composition 2

Architecture at Stylepark

Material in the interplay

Kreatív épített zuhany : Kerlite by Cotto d'Este

Az épített zuhany ma a trendet követve, szinte észrevétlen a térben.

Kerlite All:::White-kerlite-all

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Signorino: Kerlite Tiles Road Colour

Kerlite Over, lightness and the possibility to install it with very few joints, Kerlite Over overturns the idea of space, just like a new skin.