Olga Boznanska - Self Portrait  1906

Olga Boznanska (Polish Impressionist painter, Autoportret 1893 (Fragment) The first Polish artist who adopted Impressionis.

Olga Boznanska, Girl with Chrysanthemums, 1894

Olga Boznanska "Girl with Chrysanthemums", 1894 (Poland, Impressionism, cent.

Breton Woman, 1889, National Museum, Kraków Olga Boznańska  (Polish, 1865–1940)

Olga Boznańska (April 1865 – October was a Polish painter of the turn of the century. She was a notable female painter in Poland and Europe, and was stylistically associated with the French impressionism.

It's About Time: Women & their children by Polish Impressionist Olga Boznanska 1865-1945

Olga Boznańska (Polish, 1865 - Portrait of a girl in a red dress (via Galeria Malarstwa Polskiego)