Church Welcome Centers

Ideas for welcome centers, church visitor connection centers, information desks
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an office with a wooden reception desk and green sign on the wall that says belong grow reach
Woodside Church - Royal Oak - Ideation
Custom donor recognition display for the Detroit Institute of Arts.
a person holding an open book with a waterfall in the background and a card attached to it
Visitor Packets
Spire Resources | Visitor Packets
three signs that are on the ground in front of some pallets with boxes behind them
Trade Show Displays by Displayit
an orange sign sitting on the side of a road next to a parking lot filled with cars
an office building lobby with signs on the wall and chairs in the room around it
Insights - Aspen Group
10 Ways to Maximize Your Church Lobby
two men and one woman are standing at the front desk of an office with flowers in vases
It's Time to Rethink the Welcome Center Experience
there is a sign that says down town club on the side of the wall in an office
11+ Beautiful Examples of Brochure Rack Ideas
12+ Beautiful Examples of Brochure Rack Ideas | Free & Premium Templates
a sign that says next steps connect grow serve on the side of a building in a warehouse
Quick Up Banner
Help members take their next steps with a quick-up backdrop that pops up in minutes.
small talk tips at church welcome center
Useful Small Talk at the Church Welcome Center
Every Church Volunteer who serves at the welcome center may not know what to do. Here are some tips
a group of vending machines sitting in front of a wall filled with green boxes
Connect Wall
Connect Wall | First Christian Church of Decatur, IL This is… | Flickr
a wooden sign that says welcome on the front and side of it in white lettering
Looks like wood, but it's a rolling storage case, that when wrapped with your custom fabric graphic becomes a welcome counter.