Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika ble

the veins carved their routes on her skin, he wondered how they'd look if they dug in, started caving inward... mask of dryness, red clay... silt? Captivating, mortifying... imaginations...

Kris Trappeniers is a stencil artist based in Belgium. He cuts out his ballpoint drawings by hand, creating intricate stencils for use on vinyl, canvas, cardboard, wood and walls.

Mixed media portrait by Hannah Postlethwaite

Mesmerizing Mixed Media Portraits (12 total) - My Modern Metropolis

Joey Bates | poaceae | 2010 | cut paper | 16" x 22"

Self Portrait in cut paper

Judy Wise, a wonderful mixed media & encaustic artist, cut this stencil from a photo of her family. Fantastic!