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an outdoor patio with tables and umbrellas next to the water in front of a yellow building
Granholmen Camping
Holmen Cafe, Granholmen Camping
there is a small house with a deck and chairs on the front lawn, next to some picnic tables
Vøra Camping
Vøra Camping and Beach on the west side of Vesterøya approximately 9 km from Sandefjord and 19 km from the airport. Opening hours: Flats and cabins: open all year. Camping: 01.05 - 01.09. Cabins/Flats from 20m2 - 70m2 with up to 3 bedrooms, high standard. Large, lovely beach. 150 caravan/tent spaces - all with electricity. Top modern sanitary system with facilities for disabled people. Large cabin is 70m2 and has a terrace of 30m2, situated approximately 60m from the water. The cabin contain
a group of large rocks sitting on top of a grass covered field next to trees
Rock carvings and standing stones at Haugen Farm
Rock Carvings and Stone Formations At Haugen farm at Jåberg there are rock carvings dating back to 1500-500 BC showing farming symbols. These are some of the finest rock carvings in Vestfold. At Elgesem on Raveien-Sagaveien: stone formation from around 500. At Istrehågan at Jåberg: stone formation marking burial place from the time of the great migrations.
three people standing under a wooden structure in the woods
Hike to Trogfjell mountain in Åmli
The bridge Åmfoss bru is one of the longest stone bridges in Northern Europe. The trail is not demanding, about 1.6 kms one way, and it takes about 1,5 hours to hike - round trip. At the top, you'll be about 430 metres above sea level. Both children and adults can easily do this hike. This is a marked cultural trail with 12 checkpoints to the top of the mountain Trogfjell. When you reach the peak, there are binoculars and a guest book. Previously, people took the train to Åmli to go hiking at Tr
the view from top of a mountain looking down on a lake and mountains in the distance
The Summit "Årdalsknapen" - return trip 8 km
The hike to Årdalsknapen starts at Neset Camping, and the first section is rather steep. The path runs through wooded areas and up above the tree line (762 m.a.s.l.). You can return on the same path. The trip takes about four hours. You may park your car at Neset Camping.
the water is calm and blue with houses on it in the foreground, surrounded by trees
Hill Hike in Grimstad
By the tourist office, cross the road at the traffic lights. Turn left, and continue along Pharos Vei. At the very end of Høyvardeveien is the first hilltop: VARDEHEIA, 41 m a.s.l. Stunning views, and within an easy 10 min. walk from town centre. Enter Vestregate and then follow Storgaten until you reach Frivoldveien. The next hilltop is FLØYHEIA, 63.5 m a.s.l., with beautiful views to the sea, town and countryside. This trail has been created based on Knut Hamsun's work, "On Overgrown Paths", a
an island in the middle of a lake surrounded by mountains
Neset Camping
Open all year! Neset Camping is a peaceful, 4-star campsite situated in beautiful surroundings on a headland overlooking Byglandsfjorden, by Highway 9, 13 km north of Evje. All roads on the campsite are paved. The site is well suited for tents, caravans and caravanettes, and has more than 200 power supply points and facilities for cable TV hook-up. We have 29 cabins which sleep between 4 and 8 persons. Neset Camping has a grocery store, and is licensed to sell beer, class D. The cafeteria is ope
a large body of water surrounded by mountains
Kvålsnapen - return trip 3 km