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an orange and white print with wavy lines
Weird Wednesday
redlipstickresurrected: “Jan Tarasin (Polish, 1926-2009, b. Kalisz, Poland) - Self Portrait, 1978 Color Serigraphs, Paper ”
an abstract painting with red, blue and brown lines
Line Painting
a painting of a tree house with lots of windows
'Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest' Continued
an animal print pattern with black and white stripes on the skin, as well as text
an image of two pictures with the same sun and moon on them, one is black and white
a drawing of a rose with yellow and purple stripes on it's petals in front of an orange background
Art - Starry Night
an abstract pattern is shown in black and white, with wavy lines on the surface
an abstract painting with white and grey colors
inspiration zone
an old book with lines drawn on the cover and in it's center is a mountain
Ha Bun Shu : Yusan, Mori : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
a drawing of mountains with a sun in the sky above them and an orange circle on top
Frequency - graphic design