Ewelina Szakińska

Ewelina Szakińska

Ewelina Szakińska
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travel altar ideas. I really like the mini cup in this one.

Would LOVE something like this with natural herbs, crystals, ect. (The Magical Trunk Travel Witch Kit by EireCrescent on Etsy)

Robe a la Piemontaise: ca 1770-1790 heavily embroidered silk taffeta.

Registre: 11957 Side view Sacque gown a la Piedmontese, ca.), plain cream ribbed silk, metallic and silk embroidery. Metallic lace borders all the embroidery elements.

"Directoire" Hussar Officer Sword. Dated: circa 1795-1800. Culture: French.

"Directoire" Hussar Officer Sword, French, from circa