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an animal's skull with long horns and colorful designs on the front, against a white background
Realistic Aztec Tribal Faux Steer Bull Cow Skull- Western Wall Mount Decor
an animal skull with blue beads and feathers on it's head is hanging from the wall
A Lace pattern skull made with turquoise and bb's brings femininity to the native american art. It was fun to make for a sweet friend!!!!!
a cow's head with turquoise beads and chains on the nose is shown in front of a red rug
Made by yvette hurley
an animal skull is laying on the ground
Turquoise And Ivory Skull - Delphi Artist Gallery
Turquoise And Ivory Skull - Delphi Artist Gallery
an animal's head with horns and decorative designs on it, against a white wall
Buffalo Skull Art Native American $1200. Retired and loving it.
a cow's skull with long horns decorated with turquoise beads and beadwork
FOR SALE: Skull art. Amethyst, turquoise (several kinds), glass beads, copper, gold and silver beads, some faux turquoise. Contact
an animal's skull mounted to the side of a wall next to some branches
Navajo inspired wall art. Huichol yarn painted cow skull.
an animal's skull with feathers on it
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a cow's skull is adorned with gold and white flowers on a fur wall
Skulls | Darby Smart
an animal's skull is decorated with flowers and other decorative items in front of a rock wall
One of these Nights | LL Designs
a cow skull with blue and white paint on it's face sitting against a brick wall
a bull's skull is decorated with blue and green designs
Beautiful Huichol Indian Beaded Cow Skull
#Talento #Mexicano @ Muebles Nomad #Mexico