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a yellow and white brooch sitting on top of a marble counter
six perlery beaded brooches depicting cartoon characters
six pixelated images of different types of birds on a white surface, each with an individual's face
perler bead birds
a red, purple and blue beaded brooch hanging from a hook on a white wall
three little bears made out of perler beads on a white background with polka dots
a skull made out of black and white plastic beads on a wooden surface with the word's symbol
two key chains made to look like sheeps are next to a penny on a table
four different types of perler beads sitting on top of a table
six pieces of beaded animal magnets on a white furnishing area, each with different designs and colors
two necklaces made to look like cartoon characters
three pieces of lego style earrings on a pink background, with the same piece being made out of legos