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On software projects, wearables, development, IoT... - all the matters we're experts in.
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2016: A Future for Digital Health Wearables. How can #wearabletech impact healthcare, considering how rapidly digital health is evolving? Here are some useful statistics.


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Best practices: Communication with a remote software team. We're offshore project veterans! #software #IT #development #startup

[Infographic] Communication with a remote development team - Espeo Software - Global Software House

Best practices for communication in nearshore/offshore projects

Communication with your remote team

Here's just some of the advice you'll get in our free eBook... - how to snap up the best #coding talent: why remote teams are your answer - keys to #startup success: advice from a #SiliconValley investor - start up in style: how MVPs and prototypes get you ahead - keep track of your money: #agile and the Time&Material method

The flavor of startup success

Some tips for #mHealth software development

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A wearable tech future is just around the corner - and businesses can see its benefits.

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Why is Big Data important for businesses?

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