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Teresa Brooks: Nesting
barro empajillado | natalia ortega gamez
Sellos de madera con texturas. ¡Fáciles de usar!   -   DIY wooden Texture Stamps - Easy to make!
DIY - Clay Leaf Bowls - Urban Comfort    I like the small one
Step-by-step fur texture by *rgyoung777
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Chris Campbell. Colored Porcelain Magic. The Balloon Project. The balloon shape and color flow reminded me of the ocean. One can wrap clay around a balloon and as long as you have left some breathing room at the neck, the clay can shrink around it with no stress or cracks. After the clay has set up I can make a tiny hole in the neck of the balloon, and it slowly deflates leaving everything in great condition. Since I work paper thin, this is a huge plus.
Interesting project maybe?