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Christmas time in Cottbus! third (Altmarkt, Cottbus - December 2011)

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Christmas time in Cottbus! , second (Altmarkt, Cottbus - December 2011)

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This is Wroclaw or Breslau; whatever you want. (January 2012, Poland)

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Occupy Wall Street! // first weekend in Berlin (October 2011)

'Actually the ghost of Alexanderplatz was with me' // going back home from the Pinback gig; I was the only one in the train station. Midnight.. (November 14, 2011)

Smells like 'Blade Runner' // Berlin - Potsdamer Platz (November, 2011)

the only photo from Dresden, it was taken very early in the morning trying to get back to Cottbus. the morning of the Metronomy gig. very nice train station, very nice christmas tree! (December 2011)

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'2011': a Space Oddysey // Berlin, Potsdamer Platz (November 2011)

sunny day in oldenburg(holstein), the hotel where we slept after the Rolling Stone Weekender festival. we were so lucky to find this place. (November 2011)

Breslau, second (October 2011)