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Passo a passo de como desenhar um lobo e algumas dicas.

I would have called this a tutorial, only it really isn't all that accurate to real wolf anatomy-- and isn't a complete tutorial. It's just how I tend t. How I draw wolves/canines


Non Human Being-Monster-Hybrid-Animal-Beast-Claws-Paws-Obscure. Find more on the "Creativity+Fantasy" board.

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Male Dragonborn Fighter plate and axe


The proper way to play video games is with as little clothing on as possible. Let’s take a moment to appreciate what this means for girls who play games… That’s right, boobs!

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One of the many possible outfits of a battle-nun. Because religion, like all else, is deadly. (Original from Sekigan.

Arch Angel by JasonTN on DeviantArt

The Archangels oversee and guide Guardian Angels who are with us on earth. The most widely known Archangel Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel.