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Cut-out trend tutorial, scrapbook video edit, photo collage edit, video tutorial, IG reels edits
HOW TO: Cut-out Trend With Borders (PART 1) My virtual scrapbook hack/tutorial 📍 Share this, save this & follow @rebellemj @socialwithmj for more creator content tips & style tips daily 🤍 How to do it: - Open up InShot, tap on “photo”, then add your photo from camera roll • - Change the ratio to 9:16, then tap on “cutout” • - Then choose the border feature to the far right (looks like an outline of a person) • - Choose the border you like, I chose white and I brought it down to 3 - Next, tap on “multi edit”, then repeat the same steps again Sometimes your photo might remove to much, no worries. - Tap o the eraser tool, the eraser is to erase the places you want to show in the photo, the brush is to bring back the parts in the photo you want shown THAT’S IT!! Was this helpf
a tablet with the text add font to procreate
Add Fonts to Procreate | Procreate Tutorial: How to add new fonts to procreate EASY!
Use bean-eyes style to draw a boy's avatar on the iPad.