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a green t - shirt with a bee and honeycomb embroidered on the chest, sitting on a white surface
Floral Shoe Embroidery
white pants with daisies embroidered on the front and side pocket, showing how to sew
Lil daisies in the pocket
Do you know how to embroider leaves? Let's see.
Sugestão de SilMez 🇧🇷 Brasil/ Como fazer bem lento para você aprender!🎉 😉
Basic Embroidery Stitches Tutorial
an orange sweater with a giraffe painted on it
I Made Some Hand Embroidery Design On Sweaters For A Friend And This One Is My Favorite
how to reverse chain stitch
the embroidery is being worked on with blue thread and scissors, along with other items
Blue Botanical Hand Embroidery Pattern | Hand embroidery projects, Hand embroidery flowers, Sewing embroidery designs