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a bouquet of flowers laying on the ground next to a mirror
an arrangement of flowers arranged in the shape of a letter o on a concrete surface
Na grób
a metal lantern sitting on top of a pile of flowers
white flowers are arranged in a vase on a wooden table, with the caption's name below it
a cross made out of pine cones with a white rose on it and a blue ribbon
a wreath with pine cones and evergreen needles
a close up of a wreath on a table
Et lille hjerte❤️
a bunch of flowers that are sitting on the ground
Kompozycje kwiatowe na cmentarz
a bouquet of flowers sitting on top of a white floor next to green leaves and purple flowers
Kompozycja nagrobna 2018 wyk. Sylwia Wołoszynek
flowers laid out on the ground to be arranged
Bordekorasjoner, dendrobium,germini,viburnum
a bouquet of yellow flowers sitting on top of a wooden table
blue and white flowers are in a wooden container
a bunch of flowers that are laying on the ground