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the real housewives cast in silver dresses
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a large yellow house with white trim on the front door and porch, surrounded by greenery
The Houses of Wisteria Lane – On the set of Desperate Housewives
I love Gabrielle Solis' front door (Desperate Housewives). I want it.
a large kitchen with two stools in it
Desperate Housewives. Susan's house
a woman in a pink dress pulling a lawn mower
Desperate Housewives 10-Year Anniversary Facts | G Philly
Desperate Housewives 10-Year Anniversary Facts | G Philly
a woman in a blue dress talking to a man in a suit and tie with the caption, i love therapy really
When Gaby discovered her new favorite hobby.
When Gaby discovered her new favorite hobby. | 29 Hilarious Gabrielle Solis Quotes From "Desperate Housewives"
Desperate Housewives Desperate Housewives Bree, Housewife Humor, Tv Series Quotes
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Desperate Housewives
an aerial view of a neighborhood with lots of houses
Wisteria Lane
More commonly known as Wisteria Lane, from the TV show 'Desperate Housewives'. Technically, this movie set street is named Colonial Street, a fictional street in Hollywood where MANY movies and tv shows have been filmed, including my absolute favorite EVER, the 1989 classic, 'The Burbs' starring Tom Hanks. In the movie, this street is known as Mayfield Place, a seemingly picture perfect American neighborhood, with that one kooky neighbor next door. I want to live here!!
two different scenes with the same person standing in front of an open door, and one is
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Desperate Housewives
a woman talking on a cell phone next to a man
Desperate Housewives
the cast of desperate housewives are posing for a photo in front of a blue background
15. Desperate Housewives ° They Are..
farewell to my favorite housewives.
three beautiful women in black dresses with red roses on their chest and the words desperate housewives above them
Desperate housewives
three different pictures of women in evening dresses
There will never be another show quite like this one - Desperate Housewives
a woman sitting in the back of a car next to a sign that says, who?
Desperate Housewives Susan
three women in long dresses standing next to each other with their backs turned towards the camera
Desperate Housewives season 3 by sonLUC on DeviantArt
Desperate Housewives season 3