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Well, I declare
Southern sayings that we love!
Southern Thang


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To be a lady


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#girls #rules #ladies
#girls #rules #ladies
#girls #rules #ladies


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Southern Belle Secrets
Southern Belle #83
Southern Belle Secret #11


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Secrets to Southern Charm | Tip #100: Ahem, stand up straight | SouthernLiving.com
#SouthernCharm Tip #137: Welcome with a Personal Touch
Southern Charm Tip #178


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I wish more brides & wives knew this! The lady is always first -KP
Everyday Etiquette No. 56 // Etiquette // EmilyMcCarthy.com


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a poem written in green and pink with the words'southern sayings'on it
Southern sayings that we love!
the words donnickey are written in white on a black background with an image of a
Southern Thang
the words i'm fixin'to are in white on a pink background
...♥ Definitely #SOUTHERN
the words you ain't right are written in yellow on a purple background
One of my favorite sayings.
the back of a shirt that says who's pluckin'this chicken you or me?
SweeTea Shirts! Well?!
a black and white poster with the names of different types of words on it's side
“Southern Slang 11”
Southern Words...
a quote that reads, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar
Choose to be nice :)
an old book page with words written in black and white on it, which reads
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sweet southern sayings :)
the words lord have mercy written in white on a green background with a bow tie
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Southern Sayings | Lord Have Mercy
the words sweet as a peach are in white letters on a peach colored background with an apple
Visit Savannah
Sweet as a Peach!
the words slower than molassses are in white letters
slower than molasses in January
the word y'all hush written in pink on a green background
If I've heard this once I've heard it a thousand times...love it, though