Oto Cycles Vintage Electric Motor Bike

This weird looking gizmo on wheels is actually a motorbike, can you believe that? Even if it resembles one of Salvador Dali's nightmares, the Otor Bike is

C-271 Hand-built electric bicycle by David Farish

:: By David Farish The is David Farish’s hand-built electric bike that is powered by a 700 watt, 48 volt rear hub motor. It can probably reach 30 mph and brakes on a rear drum and front disc.

Motorised Bicycle by Wolf Creative Customs

Jeff Wolf, the proprietor of Wolf Creative Customs, started building race-specific motorised bicycles a few years back. This is a retrofitted 4 stroke.

Stealth electric  bikes

Stealth electric bikes are the most powerful hybrid electric bikes available in the world. The bikes are powered by a combination of pedals and a high perf

Awesome Vintage “Ariel Rider” eBike from Bann Industries

Under the care of Bann Industries, Ariel Rider is giving old school design a new lease of life. While cruiser bikes have been viewed with a nostalgic gloss