Moleskine was Ernest Hemmingway's daily journal thing, and it is mine as well. I do write in it mostly every day, just things that I look back at and say, wow !

Interface Website Notepad

Interface Website Notepad

UXPin Portable Paper Prototyping I love this, looks like a must have for anyone making things for the Web. UXPin Portable Kit and Mobile Kit are designed to make paper prototyping much easier and more.


Anybody buying the new iPad for business? The built in high-resolution screen and camera allow for beautiful photography and videos to be shot, edited, and shared with just about anybody you'd like to share it with. Seems perfect for real estate agents

Sketching: the visual thinking power tool

Sketching: the Visual Thinking Power Tool · Sketchbooks are not about being a good artist, they are about being a good thinker.