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Build a Fence Trellis: To maximize small space, train beans on fence-mounted trellises.  Excellent idea!

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Hometalk :: Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden

Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden

This beautiful hanging garden is our solution to for an indoor herb garden. I love our house and we get GREAT sunlight in the windows, but there is no counter space reasonable for an herb garden, where they would get enough sun. Also, who wants to give up counter space? To create the hanging garden: 9 aluminum painters buckets (water proof / no leaks) 3 curtain rods vinyl / silhouette rocks, soil and plants 18 S hooks First I labeled the pots with my vinyl lett…

Alternative to fences. Would be great for a vegetable garden when you only have a little space with sun. living fence- keep the chickens from the garden

Garden Planters - Very Large Wooden Trough Planters 1.8m long

Large wooden raised bed planters. Large garden planters ready made, trough planters in wood, 1.8m, 1.45m and 1.00m long for gardens, allotments and easy gardening. Also large square planters.

Have your own supply of fresh onions, year round, on your windowsill. With this genius and space saving idea you’ll be able to grow your own crop of delicious and crunchy onions. You don’t need to have your own garden … Continued

DIY Vertical Onion Planter

Here's a great way to have fresh chives all year round. Just cut the longest 'leaves' each time you need to add some rich flavor to your cooking! It's an easy project and one that your children will enjoy as the results are very obvious, very quickly. If you love to cook you ...

Suburban Homesteading: Introducing the Chunnel: the chicken tunnel

Introducing our Chunnel: the chicken tunnel

I turned the big 4-0 last month and my husband made me something very special (which my husband tells me ordinary women would not even want)! Let me take you on a visual tour. This is at the back of my suburban homestead. I am standing right next to the coop. To the left of the coop is the run. For a year this was all the space the chickens had and I knew they needed more room. On top of the run is a new is my lettuce box. It provides shade for the chickens and protects them…

herb and veggie garden in small space

Gaius the Cat & the Garden

This is a shot from the patio looking over at the herb garden, hanging garden and a peek of the vegetable garden over on the right. Little Gaius the Cat likes to come out and join me whenever I am out tending the garden. Gaius the Cat is leashed because he can not be trusted to stay in the yard (plus there is a 4 lane road way about 25 yards away... and unleashed mean dogs next door).

DIY Vertical Planter Garden

DIY Vertical Planter Garden

A step by step tutorial for creating a DIY vertical planter garden.

Minneapolis Homestead: Enchanted Garden Series: Best Ideals to add Mystery and Whimsy to Your Garden

living willow Auroch sculpture by artist Kim Creswell This is the third post in our enchanted garden series. My garden inspiration t...

What could we love more than a succulent? A whole garden of succulents, of course! Lucky for us, it's easy to grow a collection of these hardy, colorful plants at home via propagation.

How-To: Propagating Succulents

What could we love more than a succulent? A whole garden of succulents, of course! Lucky for us, it's easy to grow a collection of these hardy, colorful plants at home via propagation.

Creative Outdoor Herb Gardens • Ideas and Tutorials! Including from '11 eureka', this DIY herb garden in bottles made from mercury bottles meant to be candleholders.

Creative Outdoor Herb Garden Ideas • The Garden Glove

Outdoor herb gardens are my favorite type of garden. There is something really satisfying about plants that do it all - they are pretty, fragrant, tasty and even medicinal! Here are some creative outdoor herb gardens and herb garden planter projects to make you an herb convert!

Outdoor Storage Solutions

As the warming weather draws people outside, patios, decks, porches, and yards take on the function -- and fun! -- of indoor living spaces. Here are some ideas for stashing everything you need to live it up in the great outdoors.

DIY Plastic Bottle Planters #diy #petbottle #gardening #recycling #upcycling #planter

DIY Cactus Garden Idea

DIY Cactus Garden Idea

This one is a nice DIY project which will show you how to plant a simple cactus garden. Plants are always a great idea when it comes to decorating your home so why not making a project with them? Just take a simple circle-shaped vase (make sure that it is a shallower one). Cactuses may […]