Genre Studies

Ideas and activities for kids to learn through genre studies: fables, mystery, mythology, biography, fairy tales, etc.
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an anchor chart for science fiction with the title, science fiction core study scif
Science Fiction Genre Study
Add a science fiction genre study to your ELA curriculum! Your fourth and fifth grade students will love it. You'll love the strong reading-writing connection.
the humorous cartoon character is featured in this book, which features an image of a man with
Teaching Humorous Fiction with Funny Stories in Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade
Tickle your kids' funny bones with humorous fiction! Students in third, fourth, or fifth grade will love reading these laugh-outloud stories - and writing their own.
a young boy wearing glasses and holding a book with the title genre studies, grade 3 - 5
Mystery Genre Studies
Looking for great materials for your mystery genre study? Visit Teachers Pay Teachers for mystery reading passages, activities, writing, simulation, novel studies, and more.
the mystery novels in the classroom with an image of a person holding an umbrella and writing on
Mystery Novels Improve Comprehension and Critical Thinking
To help your students comprehend mystery novels, use detective's journals. Guided pages support readers in fourth and fifth grades.
three different types of folktales are shown in the poster above it is an image of
Teaching Folktales with Literature Activities for Kids
Help kids distinguish between types of folktales with characteristics, structures, and purposes.
the lightening thief novel study and worksheet for students with answers on how to use it
The Lightning Thief Chapter Companions
Add a novel to your mythology genre study! When kids read The Lightning Thief, they can learn about characters from myths and more! Visit to learn more.
an image of a page with the words,'mythology argument writing guess who's coming to dinner? '
Teaching Mythology Writing Activities – Argumentative Essays for Kids
When third and fourth grade students write opinion pieces, use exemplars to model improvement. You can add pieces like this to your mythology genre study. Visit to learn more.
an image of the greek mythology text with two pictures of women and men on it
Teaching Allusions to Greek Mythology – Vocabulary for Kids
Add some allusions to your Greek mythology genre study. Visit to learn more.
the mystery simulation for home or school by dr martine and mrs seltton
5 Ways to Enjoy Teaching Mystery Genre Studies to Elementary Students
Stage a mystery in your classroom. Your third, fourth, or fifth grade students will love acting like detectives while you're teaching the genre of mystery.
some books are stacked on top of each other with the title cinderella parody
Have a Ball with Your Cinderella Unit
Parodies like Cinder Edna, Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella, Bubba the Cowboy Prince, and Dinorella are great for your Cinderella unit. Students in third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade still enjoy them.
the elements of an historical fiction text and graphic guide for students to learn how to use it
Teaching Historical Fiction with Reading Activities for Kids
Use this historical fiction anchor chart to introduce genre elements in third, fourth, and fifth grades. Visit to learn more.
the elements of a fiction text description and graphic guide for students to learn how to use it
Teaching Realistic Fiction with Reading Activities for Kids
Teaching Realistic Fiction Anchor Chart
the book mystery writing in the classroom reading and maping with an orange border around it
Mystery Writing for Kids: A Case for Reading First
Before your students write mysteries, ask them to map short stories. This way, your fourth and fifth grade students will understand elements and use of a flow chart when planning writing.
For St. Patrick's Day, teach your kids about Irish immigrants coming to America. This historical fiction story will show students the difficulties of those coming from Ireland for a new life in the USA. Great chance to learn a historical perspective about Irish people on St. Patrick's Day from Teachers Pay Teacher. Reading includes vocabulary, higher-level thinking questions, writing prompt, and complete answer key. Print, Google, or Easel worksheets #teacherspayteachers #St.Pats
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Historical Fiction Reading Passage for 5th Grade, 6th, & 7th. The Irish Immigrant St. Patrick's Day
Teach close reading passages for middle school students in 5th grade, 6th grade, & 7th on Teachers Pay Teachers. Classroom activities lesson w/ vocabulary activities, discussion questions, writing prompts for kids w/ core standard curriculum instruction for education in schools first. Lesson plans w/ historical fiction story about Irish Immigrants in American history. (Level 5, 6, 7) #teachersfollowteachers #iteachmiddleschool #iteachlanguagearts #TEACHer #iteachtoo Fun challenge for teaching.