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the letters and numbers are outlined in black and white, as well as some type of lettering
6 Alphabet Patterns For Hand Embroidery
6 Alphabet Patterns For Hand Embroidery – Needle Work
the beaded butterfly is shown in blue and black
���� #23 - �������. ������� - COBECTb
Gallery.ru / Photo # 23 - Collection. Butterflies - COBECTb
the book is open to show an image of different patterns on fabric and stitching
Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples & Motifs - Books Review
four different colored plates are being held together
13 Cosas que debes hacer con las taparroscas ¡ya!
a drawing of a dachshund in the rain
#makikoart #dachshund #dackel #embroidery #embroideryart #dogembroidery #dogportrait #rainyday #dog
three pictures of birds with different colors on them
Embroidered Animal Brooches by Paulina Bartnik - ArtisticMoods.com
Embroidery by Paulina Bartnik / on the blog!
a close up of a bird with needles in it's beak and eye patch
Domestic Objects Wrapped in Needlepoint Scenes by Ulla Stina Wikander — Colossal
three beaded fish sitting on top of each other in the palm of someone's hand
Hand Embroidery Archives | Page 18 Of 65 | Mr X Stitch
Stitchgasm – Cindy Walker’s Beaded Fish
two pictures of fish being held in their hands
The magic of tiny animal embroidery - Eira Teufel Interview
several white trees are on a blue background
Birch tree embroidery
an old book with many different types of objects on the pages, including circles and lines
What is Embroidery
What is Embroidery
a close up view of some green and brown knitted fabric with leaves on it
I might be a little addicted to this stitch. (I pulled out this brown backstitches that were emulating branches, they annoyed my sense of pattern/symmetry. Plus they were a little too ‘obvious’, yknow?)
three different types of hand - made rugs with various colors and designs on them
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