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High Wife Acceptance Factor

This is why our vacuum tube amplifiers are accepted by wives! :)
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Egg-Shell at home


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Egg-Shell Prestige 12WKT - vacuum tube integrated stereo amplifier with spherical remote control in custom color. Nice?? :)


Egg-Shell Audio - Photos from Egg-Shell Audio's post

The Polish Audio Cluster - complete and beautiful audio system named Dream Reference #001

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The Polish Audio Cluster - complete audio system named Dream Reference #002

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Egg-Shell valve amplifiers with hORNS tube-type speakers - excellent sound and design!

Egg-Shell Audio - Timeline

Hot! :) Valve amplifier EGG-SHELL during operation

Egg-Shell Audio

whiteness is sexi. whiteness is stylish. whiteness is fashionable. modern audio system based on egg-shell valve amplifiers and horns tube-type speakers.

Egg-Shell Audio

Whiteness rulez! Egg-Shell valve amplifiers (plus spherical remote control) with hORNS tube-type speakers. All made in Poland.

Egg-Shell Audio

Which one has higher Wife Acceptance Factor? :)

Egg-Shell Audio

Whiteness is sexi :) - Esthetic valve amplifiers with unique design from EGG-SHELL

Egg-Shell Audio