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#wattpad #fanfiction The great hero Percy Jackson is broken, he has already endured so much , he has lost all of his friends(except Nico di Angelo and thalia because I can't kill them off, My heart would hurt) and family to Gaia. But worst of all he lost his wise girl, the girl who he saved from tartarus, the girl he...

Percy, Jason, Leo, and Nico, all combined into the most powerful demigod. This is pretty awesome<---It also looks slightly insane.

Demigod love

And Percy almost drowned un The Son of Neptune. Leos moms died in a fire. Leo *died* in an explosion before he was brought back.<<< Franks mom died in a war

optimus prime by tycoon-wolf on DeviantArt

But OP never brought Raf a snowball. optimus prime by tycoon-wolf on DeviantArt