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a painting of a man being lifted by a woman
Robson Michel on X
a painting of a woman with long red hair sitting on a ledge next to flowers
Starlight Art Print by Emile Vernon
a clock on the side of a building with angel statues around it's face
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a portrait of a man with long hair in an ornate frame on a red wall
Restoring a Grinling Gibbons frame
a painting of an angel sitting on top of a wooden box with its wings spread
Winged Scholar , Betty Jiang
an ornate painting of the virgin mary with her eyes closed and hands clasped to her chest
a painting of a woman in a dress and hat sitting on a chair with a mirror behind her
Franz Xaver Simm ~ (Austrian: 1853-1918)
a painting of two women standing in front of a mirror
beyschlag, robert julius - Double Vanity