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schoolforgoodandevil-official: “All month we’ve been revealing never-before-seen pieces by Michael Blank, the incredible illustrator for THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK, as part of the Ever-Never.

Que achuchablessss <3

SO cute, I'm pretty sure this drawing sums up the entire series, for the seven and Octavian. I am kind of offended that it excludes hazel though.>> not Octavian, that's Luke


I imagined Artemis saying this to Apollo. Because we all know she would shoot arrows into the sunset(god) when he gets too annoying. " I don't want to get married I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind and shoot arrows into the sunset!

Piper really is the world's okayest gf

Percy talked about Jason doing this in Greek heroes! Also I would totally do this if Izzy or my brother lost their glasses like this

Percy Jackson and The Olympians © Rick Riordan © Whoever made this I honestly had no idea what category to put this in, sorry if I messed it up. I found this "Pledge" on the internet the other day....

The Percy Jackson Pledge I also promise to remember Bob the Titan when I looked at the stars and sun I also promise to forever not only to Remember the PJO series but also THO series, TOA series and all the others with demigods in it .