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a woman's hand with two rings and a butterfly on the middle finger, in front of a house
Cottage Core<3
a large butterfly sitting on top of a moss covered tree stump in the forest with lots of trees around it
a person standing on top of moss covered rocks
a young deer standing in the middle of a kitchen with black and white tile flooring
two bald eagles sitting on top of a bare tree
a person sleeping in a tent with blankets
L o r e e e h h
a brown dog sitting in the middle of a river
an old tree in the middle of a wooded area with a bench on it's side
a desk with a lamp and newspaper on it in front of two windows that look out onto the woods
wellesley college
publiczny pamiętnik on Tumblr Freiburg, Simple, Naturaleza, Kunst
publiczny pamiętnik
publiczny pamiętnik on Tumblr
a person laying in a hammock with their feet propped up on a book