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Małgorzata Stasiak

Małgorzata Stasiak
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Интерьер детской: советы + 57 примеров для вдохновения - The Pled

I like the idea of the wood like fence. You could have one pannel for every child in your classroom and then use it as a growth chart for toddlers. When the child moves up or leaves the centre you can give it to the parents. Use Pallet wood.

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In order to accept the child in the expansion of residential areas progresses, this is a newly built wooden nursery. The site is blessed with sunny place and.

Mi favorito!

This is the perfect costume for the Mad Hatter. It is very classical but elaborate in a sense. It's very classical and quirky. The costume completely matches the Mad Hatter's craziness and comical nature.

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