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WorldAndScience: Abalone pearls https://t.co/vBYAPzVc29

Blue Eyris Pearls - Pearls from the sea creatures known as abalone are incredibly rare. They cannot be cultured like the pearls from mussels and oysters; abalone are all hemophiliacs. They bleed to death when injected with a nucleus. in nature


culturenlifestyle: “ French Photographer Stands Up For Animal Rights Through “Pit Bull Flower Power” Project Sophie Gamand is a French photographer and animal rights advocate based in New York city.

Flower Pit Bulls – Quand une photographe veut casser l’apparence féroce des Pit Bulls

Everyone's favorite rescue animal gets a bad rap: conventional wisdom would have you believe that pitbulls are dangerous, but photographer Sophie Gamand's "Flower Power" photo series is blasting that myth. Using soft lighting and flower crowns, the N…