PRL i pelne towarow sklepy."The state looks after the people" An empty food shop during Communist times in Poland.

communism do not come back! a shop in Poland in the end of communism era; The sign says: "the government cares about the people"- classic communist propaganda with empty shelves and no way to feed your family.

Polish traditions, 1st day of spring- topienie Marzanny,

The spring equinox celebration known as the Drowning of Marzanna (Topienie Marzanny). Marzanna is the Polish incarnation of the old Slavic goddess of winter, plague and death.

Famous empty store in PRL

Famous empty store in PRL I remember going into meat stores like this !

7 cudów PRL

GRANKA zaprasza do sprawdzenia pomysłu!

Born in the PRL - wspomnienia z czasów PRL