Emila Adamczyk

Emila Adamczyk

Emila Adamczyk
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Street artist Roo’s graffiti

Street artist Roo's graffiti “Femme Fierce, the largest all-female street art event in the UK is dedicated to unearthing and highlighting the best of the burgeoning female artists on the street art scene.

Hahahaha Leo XD

Leo Valdez and Hazel Levesque (I ship Frazel to the moon and back, but this is hilarious)<----- I LOVE the look on Hazel's face, she's just like ,"Dude. Our kid?

Hair of the Heroes

start-the-heart-art: The heroes’ haircuts didn’t know how to draw Calypso’s hair, so I used the viria’s one (credits to her (~’-‘)~). I hope you like it :POh, and the scanner cut my signature.< Percy and I have the same hair