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The Belly of an Architect. UK & Italy 1987 by Peter Greenaway film. Drama. Polish poster by Jakub Erol 1988. Black - white poster. Architect

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SU (Georgia Film) 1977 by Lana Gogoberidze - Some Interviews on Personal Matters. Polish poster by Mieczyslaw Wasilewski 1980. Drama

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Art of Loving - Polish 1989 film by Jacek Bromski. Polish oryginal 1989 poster by Andrzej Pagowski. Comedy. Sexlogist. Womanizer

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Avalanche. US 1978 film by Corey Allen. Polish oryginal 1980 poster by Gregor Marszalek. Action. Drama.

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Benji the Hunted. Adventure. Family. USA 1987 by Joe Camp film. Polish poster by Eugeniusz Skorwider 1989. Benji. Baby room. Wall decore

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Poster. Russian – Soviet Union 1973 film - ‘The Siberian Woman’ by Aleksei Saltykov. Drama. Polish oryginal 1974 poster by Romuald Socha

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Chinese movie 1984 by Kaige Chen – ‘Yellow Earth’ (English title) Polish poster by Wieslaw Walkuski 1986 Drama Music Drumming Chinese cinema

Superman III. English 1983 film by Richard Lester. Polish oryginal 1985 poster by Gregor Marszalek. Action. Comedy. Sci-Fi

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The Swarm - US 1978 film by Irvin Allen. Polish oryginal 1980 poster by Andrzej Pagowski. Horror

The Magnate - Polish 1986 film by Filip Bajon. Two original Polish 1986 poster by Lech Majewski. Vintage poster. Drama

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