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Social customer service

Social media has allowed companies to become more responsive than ever before. Today’s infographic Social Customer Service: The Next Competitive Battleground shows us that companies are responding qui (Tech Design Social Media)

How social logins and sharing affect e-commerce

This week's installment of Infographic Friday How Do Social Login & Sharing Affect Ecommerce? is courtesy of Monetate. What's most interesting to me is the increase in social sign on from last year to this year -- at the expense.

Facebook: Supercharging your apps

App stores contain thousands of apps and there are hundreds of them added every day, thus making the app competition a bit fierce.

handy “twictionary”

The Social Marketer's urban Twictionary. Are you familiar with the social slang? The folks at Marketo have put together this handy “twictionary” for the average social media marketer to help you make sense of it all.