Ewelina Maziarczuk
Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Ewelina
Sleeve idea :) steampunk
Guinevere's Gown I love this dress
Transformer des chaussures en bottes style pirate.
Blue Fire Circlet - $199.99 : Medieval Bridal Fashions, Circlets, Headpieces, Necklaces and Bracelets for your Renaissance, Celtic or Elven Wedding!
Neck corset pattern Kinda wanna use something like this for Mara, to add that extra texture to the suit.
Free corset pattern. hey check out my fiverr gigs https://goo.gl/FzQyrk
Green Wool Elven Archer Cape Capelet Tudor Medieval Forest Renaissance Costume Game of Thrones Cloak
Rosalie's Medieval Woman - Kirtle Tutorial
Bilderesultat for shakespeare cloak patterns
kaptur na guziki noszony jako otwarty http://nicoletta-nulla-dies-sine-linea.blogspot.com/