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the stage is set up to look like a princess's castle with lots of luggage
Arabian castle Bar Mitzvah Party Ideas | Photo 8 of 11
Makenna birthday |
a woman standing on top of a table in a kitchen next to a stove and refrigerator
Genie on a Flying Carpet Costume
Genie on a Flying Carpet Costume : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
a gold sequin covered trunk with lots of beads and other jewelry on it's side
a purple and orange rug on the floor in a living room
Aladdin Magic Carpet
an image of a stage set with doors and arches
Aladdin Set designs
an elephant shaped piece of furniture in a room filled with boxes and other items on the floor
a small stage set with clothes hanging on the wall and an open door to it
Aladdin Set designs
Marketplace set for Aladdin Kids
there are two different colored lights in the room together, one is made out of cardboard
Lanterns now with 'glass', lighting and gold.
the stage is decorated with pink and blue drapes
The Entrance Arc
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