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Dessert Wine Decoder - http://winefolly.com/review/dessert-wine-decoder-infographic/

There are a few basic winemaking techniques used to make dessert wine which define how dessert wines taste. Explore this infographic to find your next bottle.

Everything You Need to Know About Wine (in 9 bottles)

Get ready to take the wine challenge. Tasting through the 9 styles of wine and 12 top wine producing countries will give you the most profound knowledge of wine.

Aglianico Wine Taste Profile by Wine Folly #Wine #Wineeducation #Italy

Nebbiolo The grape of Barolo, Barbaresco which are 2 of the most important wines of Italy (in terms of collectability). This red wine smells like roses and red fruits but upon tasting it you will be surprised by it's bold tannin.

White Rioja Wine Facts by Wine Folly

The mysterious white wine of Rioja makes up only of the region's production and produces fantastic age-worthy whites. It's amazing to taste how it evolves over 5 years.

madeira infographic made by Wine Folly

What is Madeira? The Island Wine - via Wine Folly Madeira used to be the most popular wine in America during the time of pioneering ideologues like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. So when you taste Madeira, you are trying what people cared a