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How Much to Plant for a Year's Supply of Food - The Seasonal Homestead

When I set the goal to eat only the veggies from my garden for a whole year, I had one big problem. I had no idea how many plants we needed to grow for a years worth of food! Since I grow for six people in a 3500 square foot garden with some space allocated for fruits, my amounts needed to be precise.

Old Fashioned Homemaking Skills We Still Need

Old fashioned homemakers had many skills that have been lost. But they are mostly still useful in today's world! Let's bring them back.

11 Feasible First Year Homesteading Goals - Back Road Bloom

Homesteading for beginners: get started homesteading this year with these eleven, feasible first year homesteading goals!

101 Homesteading Skills We Need To Teach - Food Storage Moms

We've heard a lot the last few years about homesteading skills, vintage skills, and pioneer skills. I don't know about you but I can do all of these.

A Homesteader's Well Stocked Pantry • Walkerland

A well stocked pantry is comforting. There is always something to eat at home. With planning a pantry can save money, energy and time.

Goldfish in Horse Troughs for Mosquito Control - Savvy Horsewoman

When I first heard about using goldfish in horse troughs for mosquito control I assumed it was just a novelty. After all, how could a few tiny fish make a difference? Well I’m here to…

15 Great Homesteading Projects To Make Life Easier

Great list of helpful homesteading projects for preppers you can do at home.

9 Reasons To Start Raising Ducks • The Courageous Chicken

Here are some great reasons to start raising ducks on your small farm. Raising ducks is a great choice and they are fun as well. Raising ducks ..

Homesteading for Sustainability

Homesteading for the long term requires some unique skills & the attitude to make it work, it's all about homesteading for sustainability.

Pioneer Kitchen- 100-Year-Old Basic Kitchen Tools to Still Use Today

A pioneer kitchen held many things our modern kitchen's don't, like a wood burning stove (though I know some of you cool people have an old-fashioned wood burning cook stove, my parents do and my

Homesteading - What the Modern Homesteader Needs to Know

Homesteading - Become more self-reliant with gardening, food storage, homestead animals, home remedies, recipes, solar, preparedness and more.

How To Go Off-Grid Step-by-Step

Many people dream of living off grid, rent-free — and a select few have turned that dream into a reality. Want to know how? Here's how to go off-grid...

Vintage Homesteading Skills We Need to Learn and Teach

Homesteading skills are sort of a dying art. They used to be handed down naturally from generation to generation and we need to do that more than ever.

How to Start Living a Simple Life

We have learned that living simple really isn't simple at all. It took some time for us to learn how to start living a simple life.