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a stuffed animal that is sitting at a table
Flat Eric - Az új lakótárs
a woman sitting in front of an easel painting
workman's tumblr
a small orange teddy bear sitting on top of a green grass covered field next to a pair of earrings
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(99+) Tumblr
a cartoon cat with a red bow on its head and the words thinking above it
a red and white plastic toy with a face on it's head, standing in front of a blue background
the words be more present are painted in bright colors
graffiti painted on the side of a wall depicting a man holding a baseball bat in his right hand
a cartoon dog standing on a stool in front of a sewing machine and pile of clothes
a cartoon character is doing exercises on the ground with a barbell in his hand
a man standing in front of a car holding up two snoopy dog magnets
a man sitting at a table reading a book with the words how to be in the moment
Motivation, Sayings, Wise Words, Quotes To Live By