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milla jacket - I always want to wear things like this, but I'm never sure I can pull them off...

Adrienne Kress's Blog - So You Want To Dress Steampunk... - November 26, 2012 10:59

Steampunk Silver Filigree Glow Pendant Locket in Purple LED, Aqua or Green by DarkOfTheMoonArts, $30.00

I love this style, I do wish they had more color options though... especially in black!

Steampunk Workstation

Tardis wardrobe...love it!

Marvel Comics Womens Skirts Comic Book Skirts Vintage by tintiara, $52.00

Bulbasaur Planter - I didn't even watch Pokemon until college, but this is so iconic for my generation (not to mention cute!)

How to Make a Steampunk-Looking Gun from a Water Pistol - useful for cosplay

DIY Death Star Globe #StarWars #crafts