Elzbieta Nowak

Elzbieta Nowak

Elzbieta Nowak
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This jacket is probably to large to work in but the shirt, pants and shoes are all in dress code.

Casual look 2015 - grey coat, striped marine turtle-neck, leopard shoes and red bag will make you feel comfortable and confident. love the grey stripes and jackect and oh the gold and pop of colour handbag and stylish sunglasses

I've had tattoo eyebrows for 10 years now and suddenly everyone hates on them.... but then tries to copy :)

Eyebrows are the frame work of your face. It is important to have a well balanced eyebrow. Different eye brows can convey different looks. What do your eye brows say about you? do you have the right shape?

Make-up Trick: Fuller Lips Without having Surgery.

Make-up Trick: Fuller Lips! Looks crazy at first but once finished looks great. Awesome idea esp for us girls with thin lips! Love the nude lip look too

How To Contour And Highlight Perfectly by julie

How to contour & highlight perfectly-- Contact me today to help choose the products that best suit you for highlighting and contouring.