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★ NB (they/them) Novelist & YouTuber ★ Hello there! My name is Max and this is my official blog...

✐ DAILY WEIRD PROMPT ✐ “ THE MIMIC Write about a character who happens to be a magical creature. The catch? This character has the ability to take the form of inanimate objects. This kind of creature tends to sleep for years at a time.

And then they fall in love with each other. But death knows they can't be together. So death let her go to heaven and never said a word to her again.

And death accidentally becomes besties with one of them and visits them in the afterlife all the time and theu frequently go on adventures together, like doctor who but less sad.


The only sins that I can imagine are the seven that God hates. Which is found in Proverbs. Don't ask for the exact reference as it escapes my memory.>>lust , gluttony , sloth ,anger , greed can't remember the other 2