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art in spanish lesson plans with paintbrushes and palettes on yellow background for kids
Art in Spanish Class Ideas and Resources
Let’s talk about how to teach about art in Spanish class. There’s this neat overlap between history, culture, and art that we can share with our students. Here are a few ideas and resources for you to add to your lesson plans and units on art in the Spanish-speaking world! Chat about Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Botero and more as you explore art and artistic styles.
a green chalkboard with the words 7 awesome youtubee channels for learning spanish
7 Awesome YouTube Channels for Learning Spanish - From ABCs to ACTs
a spanish language worksheet with pictures and words on the front page for children to learn
Thanksgiving Lesson in Spanish Class
a diagram with the words in spanish
Verbo Ser
a book with spanish words and pictures on the pages, which are also in english
Ser y estar
a brochure with an image of a living room and kitchen in spanish language
The House and Prepositions of Place - Spanish Worksheet PDF - Spanish Learning Lab
the spanish student check sheet is shown
File:Spanish Student Cheatsheet.pdf - Wikipedia