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List of American Wars.


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🍔🇺🇸 Discover America's best bites
The top 10 of the list will surprise you!
Foods we eat in America that are BANNED in other countries


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The 27 Amendments summarized - the 1st 10 are the Bill of Rights.


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How All 50 U.S. States Got Their Names


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The King's road, of course, moved through North Carolina and parts of the original route, although seriously widened and upgraded, are still in use today. In fact, much of the King's highway from Virginia southward is still in use.
Retro Kitchen in Pink - Vintage home Decor Ideas! Description from I searched for this on
13. Hoover Dam, mid-construction, 24 February 1934.


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American currency has quite a storied history. American bills have come a long way from their humble beginnings in the 18th century. Over the last decade, the US has given its currency a more secure makeover (weird fact of the day: it costs 12.5 cents to create a hundred dollar bill). It was a wise choice; according to the US Federal Reserve, there are 34.5 billion notes in circulation, worth a total of $1.23 trillion. For every 10,000 genuine notes
Currency transition


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Know-It-All | Art, Astronomy, Geography, Health, History, Languages, Literature, Religion, Science, Vocabulary, Words


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an image of a man eating food from a plate with the caption, these are america's 40 greatest dishes ranked in order
These Are America's 40 Greatest Dishes, Ranked
🍔🇺🇸 Discover America's best bites
an interactive map of the united states showing locations where you can see interstate highway markers
1.6M views · 33K reactions | How Highways are Numbered 🚗 U.S Interstate Highways 🇺🇸 #interstate #highways #ushighways #highwaysystem #highwaynumbering #road #traveltips #states #usa #us #unitedstates #learn #map #maps #geography #history #viralfact #facts #fyp #interestingfact #georeels #historyreels #reels #uniquegeography #learning #viral #viralmap #maplovers | Geoglobetales | Geoglobetales · Original audio
the menu for fast food is shown in black and white, including fries, burgers, ketchup
We Ranked Every Fast Food Place From Worst to Best
The top 10 of the list will surprise you!
Foods we eat in America that are BANNED in other countries Essen, Foods Banned In Other Countries, America Food, Gmo Foods, Toxic Foods, Food Additives, Food Info, Food Facts, Other Countries
7 GMO Infographics You May Have Missed - Organic Authority
Foods we eat in America that are BANNED in other countries
the grass is growing in front of some houses
Utah, Nevada Towns Hit With 'Tumblemageddon'
a man is playing an accordion on the cover of cajun's music magazine
48K views · 45K reactions | 👀What do you think? The Cajuns, originally Acadian people from Western France, were forced to leave Nova Scotia by the British and eventually settled in Louisiana’s rural areas. These French-speaking exiles resisted British rule and became known as Cajuns. On the other hand, Creoles, with their mixed French, Spanish, African, and Native ancestries, are often linked to New Orleans’ urban culture but also have strong rural roots. In Louisiana, Cajun and Creole cultures are so intertwined that it’s difficult to distinguish them as separate entities. Thanks to @jourdanthibodeaux - check out his profile! It’s awesome. #cajun #creole #louisiana #history #worldhistory | Louisiana Crawfish Co | lacrawfishco · Original audio