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A role for antigen in the maintenance of immunological memory

The immune system has a memory that it exhibits in the enhanced and augmented responses the second time it meets an antigen. The memory is the result of a number of changes to the system brought about during the primary response. The most important of these changes is the formation of an expanded pool of antigen-specific memory cells. One of the enduring questions in immunology is how these memory cells are maintained for such long periods.

Antigen Markers on Mature Lymphocyte Subpopulations

B Cells Can Drive Inflammation in MS

Researchers identify a subset of proinflammatory cytokine-producing B cells that may spark multiple sclerosis-related inflammation.

PI3K Signaling in B-Lymphocytes | Thermo Fisher Scientific - US

Explore the PI3K signaling pathway in B-lymphocytes and find antibodies to detect some of its target proteins, including AKT, calcineurin, CD180, and CD19.


'Electron Micrograph of B-lymphocyte Blood Cell' Photographic Print |

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