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a cobblestone street with parked cars and autumn leaves on the ground in front of buildings
A quiet street in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
an old railroad track with moss growing on it
leaves floating on the surface of a body of water
So true
Landscapes simply in pictures
an old pocket watch sitting on top of some books
Diamentowa full mozaika zestaw haftu wyklejanie
a small cabin in the middle of a field with trees and hills in the background
a stone path in the middle of a stream surrounded by trees with red leaves on it
an old train track surrounded by trees with autumn leaves on the tracks in front of it
Rail beauty photo
an image of a path in the woods with leaves all over it and text that reads,
Happy October!
a red fox sitting in the middle of a forest looking up into the sky with its eyes closed
an empty road in the middle of a forest with red trees and leaves on both sides
a log cabin sitting next to a body of water
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a leaf is hanging from a tree branch with drops of water on the leaves and branches
a small deer standing on top of a pile of leaves