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VH leather GIFT cigarette cases ELENPIPE® online wholesale

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Elenpipe® exclusive distributor of the trademark VH Germany, which for more than 50 years specialize in production of leather cigarette cases. Cigarette cases are mainly produced from Italian leather, some models from high quality PVC; base metal gilt, Nickel, chrome, other colors are metallic. All cigarette cases are Packed in individual paper box. All Range You can find on our online shop Its possible to order corporate products with unusual colors: blue, red, gold.

Cigarette cases VH leather 902131 for 24 Slim/18 KS, croco, black/golden


Cigarette case VH 904125 for 8 KS/12 Slim, porous leather, metal, sandy/golden, 11.8x4.8x1.9 cm


Papierośnica VH 901221 ze skóry naturalnej na 18 KS/24 slim, metal, karbonowy, czarny/srebrny/nikiel, 10x8.4x1.2 cm

Cigarette case VH 901289 for 18 KS/24 slim, polished leather, metal, brown/nickel, 10x8.4x1.2 cm

Cigarette case VH 901173 for 18 KS/24 slim, leather, metal, croko, golden, 10x8.4x1.2 cm

Cigarette case VH 901111 for 24 Slim/18 KS, leather, metal, black/golden, 10x8.4x1.2 cm